"You have to have empathy, knowledge and compassion for your characters if you're a writer."
- Paul Haggis

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Sunday, Jan 13 - 27 @ 1 - 2/2:30 PM (depending on the number of students)

Duration : 3 weeks

Fee : $250

Eligible Out of town students can request skype attendance by calling 713 532 2867 or emailing nextactorstudio@gmail.com.

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Instructor Trisha Ray is currently filming the feature 6 ROUNDS OF CHLOE, starring Eric Roberts. 

Charlie O'Connell and Brooke Pascoe in the film 'Sex, Marriage, Infidelity' written and directed by screenwriting student Richard Finger (Forbes, Huffington Post). The film is now available on amazon and itunes.

Learn to write visually and create a script from scratch. Structure your acts, dialogues and transitions. Take home your bullet points and author your screenplay.

Students can read out their scenes in class for inputs from teachers and other students. Upon finishing, they can hold a read-through of their entire script if they wish.
Several of our screenwriting students have collaborated with acting students to create a film out of their creative work and have received awards at film festivals, both in Houston and internationally.

Award-winning Movies made by our students include :
Sex, Marriage and Infidelity starring Shannon Tweed, Sophie Simmons, Charlie O'Connell.
Created Equal by Thada Catalon starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Aaron Tveit
Mother's Milk by Kevin West
A Curry on an American Plate starring Rick Fox, Charlie O'Connell, co-written by Instructor Trisha Ray
Esther Lum won Platinum Remi for her screenplay 'Kidnapped in Kathmandu' at the 2017 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.