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Above Left : Actress Sophie Simmons (daughter of KISS' Gene Simmons) in a scene from the feature Sex, Marriage & Infidelity by screenwriting student Richard Finger (Huffington Post columnist, former Forbes writer)
Above Right : Actor, ESPN commentator & LA Lakers' Rick Fox in "A Curry on an American Plate", written by Screenwriting Instructor Trisha Ray. 

Class is focused on building character, writing dialogues, creating transitions, dynamics, plot points,  etc.
This class is designed to prepare students to write visually and complete their screenplays.

The class works with movie scenes and film screenplays to help students understand the application of screenwriting techniques.

The class is taught by screenwriter and filmmaker TRISHA RAY when she is available. 

Our students have converted their book into a screenplay, got their scripts produced or optioned, and are working as writers in LA, NY, Austin and other places.

Next Session :

Thursday, Mar 2 - 16 @ 7 - 8 PM
Duration : 3 weeks

Fee $250 for the entire session
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