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The Only Actor's Studio in Houston with Classes, Readings, Film Production

In December 2003, Next Actor Studio was formed to create a group of artists in Houston to enhance the filmmaking network in the city. Our classes are for serious students who are willing to learn and are not afraid to expose themselves to a vibrant cinematic world that encompasses the entire world.

Today the studio, a division of SAG - AFTRA signatory Next Actor Films,  has a team of award-winning filmmakers, screenwriters, editors, musicians and actors who collaborate frequently to churn our shorts and features that get screened to a wide audience via private screenings, film festival releases, worldwide theatrical and Blu-ray/DVD releases etc.  The studio has provided opportunity to several deserving students to build their resume and receive hands-on training by being a part of the films made by the studio.

Our production company Lake Camp Productions makes 2-3 feature films a year that get released worldwide, premiering in different film festivals, thus giving an exposure to the talented students.

We also have started our own Next International Film Festival (Niff Houston) that takes place in October for 5 days in Houston.  Our students enjoy the privilege of being a part of a true artistic community to enhance their involvement in this industry, build resume and receive hands-on training through internship opportunities.

Next Actor Studio works with several A List Agents and Producers in Hollywood and Europe.  That is the reason, Next Actor Productions have been able to cast the likes of KISS founder Gene Simmons' daughter Sophie, actress and former supermodel Shannon Tweed, NBA champ Rick Fox, Disney star Andrea Guasch, Television star and brother of Jerry O'Connell, Charlie O'Connell, Martin Sheen's brother and Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez' uncle Joe Estevez and several others. A list of our films can be found on IMDb by clicking here.

Next Actor Studio teaches on-camera acting. Therefore, all our acting classes are recorded, including Shakespeare. Voice on-camera classes record the voices (not images). Students may bring an SD card or request the studio to email their performance video files.
Screenwriting and filmmaking classes are not recorded.

The classes are usually method acting based workshops with focus on emotional and sense memory and the importance of intellect, aesthetics and ethics in acting.

The classes are geared towards acting for editing, making impression at a film audition, understanding choices, Through exercise and bits, the classes aim to bring the best out of a student while helping them reach their emotional peaks.Students must register at least two days prior to start date of class to receive scripts to work with in session. Incomplete registrations are discarded after 12 hours.  Students are required to remain respectful and courteous to fellow classmates and staff at all times.

Students are requested not to miss scene study classes as that hampers their scene partner. Make-up classes are allowed but please let the studio/teacher know you will miss a class so you are not given a scene for that week. You may schedule a make up class via email.

We welcome sincere students. Auditions may be required for some classes.

Students who enroll in Advanced Stanislavski Session must have prior Stanislavski Training and willing to participate in our practice and rehearsal session to assimilate the method. The classes are geared towards acting for editing, making impression at a film audition, understanding choices, Through exercise and bits, the classes aim to bring the best out of a student while helping them reach their emotional peaks.
Our students have been working as hosts and actors in Television Network (CW39, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Grey's Anatomy), writers at Forbes, Huffington Post, Houston Chronicle; recurring actors in soap operas and cinema in Mexico, Argentina, France and Spain to name but a few countries outside of USA.

We do reserve the right to admission. If we do not admit you, or if a class is full, your card will not be charged and you will not receive a seat confirmation.


We do not allow auditing of class due to security and privacy of our students.  We request you do your research using our imdb, social media, online reviews etc. to know that Next Actor Studio is the only actor's studio in Houston where students not only learn acting techniques from working professionals, but also get a chance to participate in events such as script reading, film productions by the studio and students, and get a step closer to their career choice. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us via phone 713 532 2867 or email us at


Foreign students are welcome to apply to our classes, as long as they are already in USA with a valid visa. We do not process visa for International students. We are an avocational training program and do not offer certificate or degree. However, students may request recommendation letters from their instructors.


Although we cannot provide any guarantee for jobs to our students as booking jobs is like clearing interviews, we do provide a platform for our students to collaborate with each other and work in shorts and independent films, start their IMDb resume, receive hands-on training. Our students yahoogroup for casting calls notify students of production listings and auditions that they can go to, and if they pass it, get cast. Script reads, movie nights and rehearsals of productions are excellent ways to take the craft beyond classes. Screenwriting students can hold readings of their screenplays with acting students. Chosen filmmaking students can use the studio and its equipments to make their shorts and screen them to an audience. Many students have started their IMDb filmography by working in Next Actor films first before moving on to Hollywood and larger projects.


Next Actor started in Dec 2003 and is run by filmmakers and editors who know the craft and have learned from being insiders in the industry. A student who is serious will be able to utilize the instructors' experiences to know what to do and what not to do to get going in this field. All classes are held at West U/Rice Village area in Houston. Our only other branch is in Los Angeles where we do post-production work of our films and videos, and hold classes for private students.


We do acknowledge that sometimes a class can be more advanced or basic for you or you prefer a teacher over another, and therefore we allow transfer of classes to a different session, with a different instructor. We do not offer refund if you cancel a seat after a class is in session or if you have taken a class and dropped out. We allow credits and transfer between classes at no additional cost. Refunds are available only if you cancel up to 72 hours before a session starts and we charge a processing fee of $40. 

If you have an erratic schedule, we work around it and let you finish your course with time or even allow 2-5 days a week to help you finish the session. Speak with our consultants to see what's best for you. 713 532 2867

We are located at Rice Village/West University area.
To visit the studio, please contact us for an appointment. No Walk-ins please.


A list of our current films and TV shows in production are available on our production company website at or announced via facebook

Click here for our IMDB credits