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INGRAM BERGMAN - Top 25 Directors

Date of birth 14 July 1918
Location Uppsala,  Sweden


Ernst Ingmar Bergman was born 14 July 1918, son of a priest. The film and TV-series, Goda viljan, Den (1992) is biographical and shows the early marriage of his parents. The film 'Sondagsbarn' depicts a bicycle journey with his father. In the TV-mini Enskilda samtal (1996) (TV) is the trilogy closed. Here, as in 'Den Goda Viljan' Pernilla August play his mother. Note that all three movies are not always full true biographical stories. He began his career early with a puppet theatre which he, his sister and their friends played with. But he was the manager. Strictly professional he begun writing in 1941. He had written a play called 'Kaspers Death' which was produced the same year. It became his entrance into the movie business as Stina Bergman (not a relative), from the company SF (Swedish Filmindustry), had seen the play and thougt that there must be some dramatic talent in young Ingmar. His first job was to save other, more famous, writers poor scripts. Under one of that script-saving works he remebered that he had wrote a novel about his last year as a student. He took the novel, did the save-poor-script job first, then wrote a screenplay on his own novel. When he went back to SF, he delivered two scripts insteed of one. The script was Hets (1944) and was the fist Bergman screenplay that was put into film (by Alf Sjoberg). It was also in that movie Bergman did his first professional film-director job. Because Alf Sjoberg was busy, Bergman got order to shoot the last sequence of the film. Ingmar Bergman is the father of Daniel Bergman, director, and Mats Bergman, actor at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theater. Ingmar Bergman was also CEO of the same theatre between 1963-66, where he hired almost every professional actor in Sweden. 1976 he had a famous tax-affair. Bergman had trusted other people to give advice about his finances, but it turned out to be real bad advise. So he had to leave the country immediately, and so went to Germany. A few years later he got back to Sweden and made his last movie Fanny och Alexander (1982) (aka 'Fanny and Alexander'). He has retired from directing, but he still write scripts for film and TV and direct plays at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre.


"No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul."

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