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Basic to Intensive Training Program comprises our acting courses geared towards Film and TV. We offer weekly classes to students with prior experience and/or training in a 5-week session period.

Classes provide foundation about acting along with the technical aspects of the craft through detailed personal work and study materials.

Our students have the opportunity to hone their skills while in class as well as  build their craft through hands-on training and performances.

All training is loosely based on the Stanislavski System while the Method Acting Class explores the core of the "Stanislavski System" and its American counterparts. 

 Our Instructors are endowed with profound knowledge of the craft along with years of experience on professional stage and screen. All classes are taught by working actors and filmmakers as  our studio  focuses at not only  educating our students about the art and craft of cinema but also the history and literature of the medium.  



Screenwriting, Filmmaking and Editing Students are encouraged to collaborate with each other to create projects using the equipments of the studio and involving the talents of the acting students to complete works that can be exhibited through festivals and online feeds.

  Students of the behind-the-scene classes are often given the opportunity to become a part of our ongoing film production in order to learn through hands-on-training and build their craft and get experience to work in this field.  


Next Actor Yahoo Group is a private yahoo group for only our students and members. 
Serious students are encouraged to join this group where production listings, events, opportunities  etc are posted.  

We reserve the right to refuse admission 

Ph : 713 532 2867 

email : 



Many of our students get to work in USA and overseas with celebrated actors and technicians which not only get them coverage but also help them receive hands-on training as well as a chance to build their craft.  

Acting students also participate in the projects of the filmmaking and screenwriting students that consist of shorts, features, script readings etc. 

Acting Students are constantly encouraged to become part of several ongoing productions to learn the overall process of filmmaking that helps them in the long run as an educated actor. 

Qualifying shorts are exhibited through our sites as well as in different national and international film festivals, thereby encouraging our students to continue their craft and receive exposure in various forms. 

IMDB Credits

Beginners are encouraged to visit IMDB to check authenticity of any project or personality and for knowledge about movies, actors, filmmakers, crew etc.


The Shadow Behind You
Wed, Oct 14/ River Oaks
NIFF HOUSTON International Film Festival

Sex, Marriage and Infidelity
April 18
Bare Bones Film and Music Festival

The Nowhere Son
Nov 9
Alexandria Film Festival

Sat, Nov 6 @ 8:30 pm / AMC 22
Alexandria Film Festival

August, 2010
Christian Film Festival, Arizona

June 7 @ 10pm
Cedar Lane Cinemas, Teaneck
Hoboken International Film Festival

April 17 @ 7pm/AMC Studio 30, Dunvale
Worldfest Houston International Film Fest


Once a month, Next Actor members and students get together to view films made by fellow filmmakers and actors from the studio along with a Q&A session with the cast and filmmakers in a program called THE FIRST CUT.



Bodhisattva,, written by San Banarje and Trisha Ray and directed by San Banarje won the best of the Fest at Gulf Coast Film Festival.

wins "Best International Film" Award at the 2010 Alexandria Film Festival, amidst a vibrant audience of Washington DC and Alexandria region.

wins four nominations and one supporting actress award at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

wins the Platinum Remi Award for best picture in the 43rd Annual
Houston International Film Festival  

Federal Case
by Writer Brian Stewart and director Trisha Ray wins accolades at the Christian Film Festival in Phoenix

Screenings of 2015-2016 :

Directed by San Banarje
Written by Trisha Ray & San Banarje
River Oaks/Oct 14, 2015

written and directed by Trisha Ray
Casting Director: Jessica Steindorff
Starring: Olivia Mayron Mort

directed by Trisha Ray
Written by Brian Stewart
Starring : Mahie Gill, San Banarje, Romario Solis, Zoie Steen, John Goode, Alex S. Lopez, Prateek Karkal

by San Banarje
Written by Trisha Ray and San Banarje
Starring : Rick Fox, Charlie O'Connell, Andrea Guasch, Bud Patel, Sean De Vida, Christian Bhalla

Screenings of 2011 - 2015

Sex, Marriage and Infidelity by Richard Finger
Starring: Charlie O'Connell, Brooke Pascoe, Shannon Tweed, Sophie Simmons

The Nowhere Son by San Banarje
Starring : Soumitra Chatterjee, San Banarje, Trisha Ray, Biswajit Chakroborty

Reverse by Trisha Ray
Starring : Pablo Rodriguez, Carolina Costas

Semper Fi by San Banarje
Starring : Drew Brown, Omar Scanu, Brian Watson, Mordecai Mose

Inside Out by Brian Stewart
Starring : Victor Liu, Joe Estevez

A Blind Date by Hector Perez
*ing Gina Gheller

Jump Cut by James Coate
*ing Sergio Flores, Susie Coward

Itch by Gina Gheller
*ing Chrissy Hajovsky

Screenings of 2010 :

Midsummer by Renee Edd
*ing : Emily Hervey, Jared Doreck

Money by San Banarje
*ing : Eve Berggren, Mikhail Sebastian, Kirk Mashue, Lance Stodghill, Tom Combs, Gina Gheller, Valerie Manriquez, Fred Burton

Closure by Trisha Ray
*ing : Eve Berggren, Mikhail Sebastian

Cleaning Up by San Banarje
*ing : Jacob Reynolds

Volando by James Coate
*ing : James Coate, Gina Gheller, Landon Nemoto

Cleaning Up by San Banarje
*ing : Jacob Reynolds

Terracotta by San Banarje
*ing : Trisha Ray, San Banarje

Mothers' Milk by Kevin West
Grand Prize, Best Houston Short, Worldfest 2010

Two Years by Thomas Rottenberg
Official Selection, Hoboken Int'l 2010

Chiaroscuro by James Coate
Silver Remi, Worldfest 2010

Screenings of 2009 :

Academic Affairs by Theta Catalon
*ing : Theta Catalon, Sean Will, Fabrizia Faustinella, Wayne Mark, Agatha Riley and Marwan Zeibak

Terracotta by San Banarje
*ing : San Banarje, Trisha Ray

Gangland : Los Guapangueros by Zak Tomik
*ing : Zak Tomik, Fernando Rosales, Nelson Eny, Josue Ba, Alex Tomik

Friend in Need by Landon Nemoto
*ing : Albert Richardson, Gina Gheller, Briannah Korin, Jessica Flores, Alonzo Williams, Landon Nemoto

Selfish by Les Stubblefield
*ing : Omar Scanu, Gina Gheller, Beny Schwarzt

Get Together by Raj Sanjay Kr.
*ing : Omar Scanu, Adrienne Kasko, Fred Burton, Jennifer Peebles

Kirr Birr by Adam Zaka
*ing : Cambrie Briggs, Diana Hage, Abby de Noble

The Enemy Inside by San Banarje
*ing : J.D. Hawkins, Trisha Ray, Lance Stodghill, Joey Malouf

My Dragon by Anna Campbell
*ing : Anna Campbell

The Train by San Banarje
*ing : Iheny Nieto, Sean Zamir, Dave Amyx

Swingers by James Coate
*ing : Gina Gheller, Annmarie Giaquinto

Stanislavski in September by Trisha Ray
*ing : Adam Zaka, Atessa Barasandeh, Alonzo Williams, Thada Catalon, Wayne Mark, Khaleid Ghuneim, Nirav Bhakta

Screenings of 2008 :

Gang Story by Raj Sanjay Kr.
*ing : Omar Scanu, Alonzo Williams, Beny Schwarzt, Sean Will, Anthony Taylor, Filip Lizanna, Julianne Hall

The Way I see It by Anna Campbell
*ing : Anna Campbell

Soul Smoke by Trisha Ray
*ing : Alonzo Williams, Joslyn Lewis, Frank Hicks

Therapy by San Banarje
*ing : Landon Nemoto, Jessica Flores, Lynn Sonnenberg

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