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Date of birth 29 September 1912
Location Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Michelangelo Antonioni was born in 1912 into a middle-class family and grew up in bourgeois surroundings of the Italian province. In Bologna he studied economics and commerce while he painted and also wrote criticism for a local newspaper. In 1939 he went to Rome and worked for the journal "Cinema" studying directorship at the School of Cinema. As he was a debter of the neorealism his films reflect his bourgeois roots like in his first movie "Cronoca di un Amore (1950)" or "Signora Senza Camelie, La (1953)" or "Amiche, Le (1955)". His biggest success was the trilogy "Avventura, L' (1960)", "Notte, La (1961)" and "Eclisse, L' (1962)" with which he won several prizes of minor importance. This success allowed him to go abroad and to work on international scale in English: e.g. "Blowup (1966)" in London or "Zabriskie Point (1970)" in the USA.


" I feel like a father towards my old films. You bring children into the world, then they grow up and go off on their own. From time to time you get together, and it's always a pleasure to see them again."

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