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MICHAEL MANN - Top 25 Directors

Date of birth 5 February 1943
Location Chicago, Illinois, USA

A student of London's International Film School, Michael Mann began his career in the late 70s, writing for TV shows like "Starsky and Hutch" (1975). He directed his first film, the award-winning prison drama The Jericho Mile (1979) (TV), in 1979. He followed that in 1981 with his first theatrical release, Thief (1981) starring James Caan as a safecracker who falls under the spell of the mob. He followed with The Keep (1983), an adaptation of F. Paul Wilson's novel about a mysterious force within a Nazi fortress. He hit it big in 1984, when he produced and created the long-running TV series "Miami Vice" (1984), which made Don Johnson a household name. He followed that up in 1986 with a disastrous, lesser-known TV series, "Crime Story" (1986), and the superb thriller Manhunter (1986) a precursor of The Silence of the Lambs (1991). He spent the next few years involved in television, directing films like L.A. Takedown (1989) (TV) and producing films like the Emmy-winning "Drug Wars: The Camarena Story" (1990) (mini). In 1992, he returned to feature film with the box-office hit The Last of the Mohicans (1992), which starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe.


" (On whether he operates camera in his movies): The criterion is when I want to see what's going on through the lens. Usually, it comes down to performance more than technique...I've also worked with the same camera crews, even down to the assistants, on the last four films. [1999]. So, we've developed a family in camera. A family that picks right up where they left off every few years. I see the world from the perspective of a 5'8" person, not someone who is 6'4". so naturally, I'm going to choose certain lens heights over and again...Sometimes nature makes choices for you."

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