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"Writing is the most effective therapy" - Trisha Ray, screenwriter


Right : Screenwriting student Richard Finger (Forbes, HuffingtonPost) wrote, directed and produced his debut film Sex, Marriage, and Infidelity, starring Charlie O'Connell (Bachelor) and featuring Shannon Tweed Simmons and Sophie Simmons, the wife and daughter of KISS frontman Gene Simmons (In the picture). The film is now available on amazon and ituned.


Screenwriting Session in May will be a one-day workshop of 3-4 hours which will work with


Acts and Formats
Scenes and Dialogues
Characters and Dynamic
Visual Writing
Elements of Screenplay
Business Side of Screenwriting



About the Class
This workshop is designed for students who wish to learn the structure of a screenplay. We prefer that students have a concept on mind, when they come to class. This session is offered when the instructor is available.

Some of our Successful Screenwriting Students
Sybil Jackson, author who worked with our instructor to transfer her book into a screenplay that was sold to Mandalay and Ms. Jackson moved to Hollywood where she is currently working as a writer. 

Richard Finger,  former
Forbes columnist and current Huffington Post contributor, wrote his debut screenplay Sex, Marriage and Infidelity, while in class in 2013 and went on to direct it as a feature film, that was produced by instructor Trisha Ray who also helped cast the Hollywood stars in the movie.

Meera Nandlal is the morning hostess of Channel 39, who uses her Next Actor screenwriting and UT Austin's broadcast and journalist class experience to help her write her stories every morning.

Marene Gustin writes for Houston Chronicle and Culture Map.

Kevin West has won multiple awards in screenwriting and went on to become a filmmaker, producing shorts and features.

Thada Catalon is a recipient of the Texas Filmmakers' Grant and has an established production company.

Kym Mosley, received the best screenplay award at SAIFF and went on to live and study in New York. 

About the Instructor
Trisha Ray is a multiple award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, who is currently shooting her feature film and series Orphan Train, written by Brian Stewart. She used to be a voracious reader as a child, and used writing as her therapy while growing up. Trisha's first full length screenplay was written while she was a sophomore and she decided to pursue films after that, instead of following her family into medicine. She has written shorts, features, and episodes, many of which have won several awards at both domestic and international film festivals.  Her upcoming feature American Grandeur is being produced in partnership with SAG-AFTRA in December.

Currently we are not offering Private Lessons in Screenwriting. 

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